I have been licensed a swimming pool contractor for the past 28 years. During that span I have had the opportunity to work with many general contractors / home builders. I have see the best and the worst. I first worked for Patrick O'Brien in the mid 1990's. Patrick is probably the best most through contractors I have ever worked with. I can't remember a time that I was on the job and he wasn't. He is on site more than any contractor that I have ever worked with. That is a huge. Problems are caught as they happen and fixed immediately rather than discovered somewhere down the road when they are a real problem and difficult to fix. I have always thought that if you want to find out how good a contractor is, just talk to his clients and the subcontractors that work for him. When I have been a sub contractor to Patrick, I have had several occasions to follow up on the my work with his clients. I have honestly never talked to an unhappy homeowner. They have all been happy with their home and Patrick's work. I have also had many talks with my fellow subcontractors on the job. Again, I have not talked to anyone who wasn't very happy to be working with Patrick. If I were building a custom home today, Patrick O'Brien would be my first choice to build my home.

Hop Cassidy
Sun America Pools
I am writing you today concerning Patrick O'Brien / O'Brien Development. Since 2005 Saguaro Drywall, and its subsidiary, Saguaro Interior Finishes, have provided custom drywall and fine interior plaster finishes on several large custom home projects in North Scottsdale for O'Brien Development. I have found Patrick to be fair with owners & sub-contractors, Timely with payment, fully involved, creative, knowledgeable and professional. Patrick's personal integrity, coupled with superior organizational, construction management, and leadership skills allow him to assemble & lead the team necessary to build large high end projects. Saguaro Drywall has been proudly serving the Valley's custom home market for approaching 60 years, completing thousands of projects, with integrity, quality, and customer service. Saguaro Drywall is always fortunate to work with a contractor such as O'Brien Development whose commitment to excellence unquestioned, and looks for the same in his other sub-contractors. I appreciate the opportunity to provide this letter and I would be please to provide additional details if needed.

Jon Ard
Saguaro Drywall Company, Inc.
I have known and worked with Patrick O'Brien of O'Brien Development for a number of years. It has been my experience that he is a quality builder and very professional to work with. He has a vast knowledge of plans that is extremely helpful compared to working with other builders I know. He is very organized and works with great care and shows integrity in everything he does. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

John Ruof
Ruof Electric LLC
We write this letter in recommendation of Patrick O'Brien and O'Brien Development. We have contracted HVAC for Patrick for over ten years on large, High-end custom homes he has designed and build in North Scottsdale, Troon and Desert Mountain. We can recommend him highly and without reservation. Throughout each build, Patrick has been a consummate professional. Having Patrick as the builder, designer and superintendent on the job every day makes the projects run smoothly and efficiently, thus eliminating costly change orders and delays. With each project we have worked on with O'Brien Development, It has been a great experience. CSS has been in the HVAC business in the valley since 1985, specializing in custom homes in Paradise Valley and North Scottsdale.

David Hoff
CCS Heating & Air Conditioning
I have had the privilege to work with Patrick O'Brien on two large and exciting jobs. Patrick is the first architect, builder and superintendent that I have ever worked for in my 13 years in the stucco business. To have such knowledge of the overall project and being onsite daily give the homeowners a great advantage. Patrick can make sure that no conceptual detail is overlooked and any changes that the homeowner may want, can be dealt with on the spot. This only means financial savings for the homeowner. Not only is Patrick a fabulous builder, he is a joy to work for. With the easy going demeanor and knowledge of our specific trade, all of my employees thoroughly enjoy working on his projects. As an owner we are always looking to make every job as profitable as possible. Patrick allows us that opportunity by making sure that all loose ends are taken care of before we arrive on site. This allows us to work more efficiently and with fewer extras to the homeowner. Our company specializes in all types of exterior stucco and interior plasters. Ninety-five percent of our work is high end custom homes from Arcadia to Desert Mountain. Our exterior stucco features synthetic finishes to some very unusual old world finishes. Some of our old world finishes includes hand stained and exposed aggregate stucco, featuring "Tivoli Stone". Tivoli Stone is unique limestone finish that can be sued either on the interior or exterior of the house. If you are currently looking for a builder I would highly recommend Patrick O'Brien. If you should have any further questions regarding Patrick O'Brien or our business, please feel free to contact me.

Butch Walts
Ingram & Walts Plastering, LLC
I am writing this recommendation at the request of O’Brien Development, Inc. We have been doing business with O’Brien Development for the past ten years and enjoy our partnership with Patrick O’Brien.  We have worked hand and hand with O’Brien Development on several custom home and remodel projects.  Patrick O’Brien is known for his phenomenal builds, vision, creativity and attention to detail and outstanding reputation. Telluride Natural Stone and Reclaimed Wood and its affiliates have been in business for over thirty years and continue to be one of the largest Natural Stone and Reclaimed Wood distributers/manufacturer in the state of Arizona. We are honored to be doing business with O’Brien Development and are always looking forward to Patrick’s next projects,

Eddie Marquez
Telluride Natural Stone and Reclaimed Wood, LLC
I have done business with Patrick for over 10 years.  I have never heard anything but good things about him and the homes he has built.  Home owners appreciate his attention to detail and honestly.  I would let Patrick built a home for me.

Dick Wallber
Valley Light Gallery
Over the past eight years, we have been privileged to work with Patrick O’Brien on several projects. Patrick has displayed outstanding abilities in all aspects of the construction process. In addition to being an extremely talented designer, he maintains authenticity in the building materials and methods he selects. His attention to detail is evident in every home he builds. Patrick is proficient in creating excellent plans and utilizing state of the art software to create a virtual vision of the project. From our perspective as a supplier, we appreciate his eagerness to provide precise and detailed information in order to make the process run very smoothly. There is a high level of mutual respect between Patrick and all of the subcontractors on his projects. It is rare to find an individual who possesses this level of talent, construction expertise and genuine desire and ability to build extraordinary homes on schedule and within budget. We look forward to working with Patrick on future projects

Cheryl Murray
Patrick O’Brien’s past experience, attention to detail and ability to think “outside the box” have made him invaluable to me. He was able to see my vision, and bring it to life. I ran into some obstacles with my own plans and Patrick had the capability to compose many revisions, while still being able to keep the overall design as I had intended. He also spent a great deal of time on my project which I really appreciated. Patrick introduced many great ideas for areas of the home that I had not even considered which will save money in building costs while adding value in engineering. I would highly recommend Patrick to anyone interested in building a quality home while working with a highly skilled, dedicated individual.

Dan Peterson
This is a letter concerning Patrick O'Brien and O'Brien Luxury Homes. Patrick built our home in Talus in Troon North and we moved in August,2002. It was a spec home and we had looked for almost 9 months before we found his home and fell in love with it. He had selected all of the tile, granite, knotty alder, wood stain, appliances, light fixtures, doors, hardware, etc. and we loved every single item he selected. He also did mosaic tile work that was out of the Italian craftsmen of centuries ago cutting each piece by hand. He not only designed these mosaics, but executed them with precision and they were gorgeous tile carpets in our entry way and rotundas by our dining room and master bedroom. He also is so talented as a painter and faxed and Venetian plastered many of our walls. Again a creative genius, right brain and left brain people are a rare find and he is one of the best. Patrick is not only like an architect, but also an interior designer as well and yet is one of the best builders in the country as far as we are concerned. His attention to detail is like no other person we have ever met. He is honest, forthright, a creative genius, so pleasant to work with as a client, concerned about his subcontractors, but if they step out of line, he rules with an iron fist. One example was that once the appliances were in and the house was locked up, he called his sub contractors into the kitchen and asked them to look over every square inch of the granite, appliances, sinks, faucets, cabinetry and asked them if there were any scratches, etc. When each of them said "no", he had them sign a document to that affect and then placed a sign on the granite that stated "if anyone places a soda can, hammer, tool, nail, mars the finish in anyway, he and his company will be charged $5,000 for the damages". As you can imagine, no one placed one thing on the counter tops. Because it was a spec home, we asked Patrick to add a courtyard and a fourth garage in a very tight space and he knelt down in the driveway and within 15 minutes had a beautiful drawing/concept which we used. Again he is a creative genius and knew exactly the space he had to work within. It turned out more beautiful than I could have imagined. He worked with us on adding lighting for our paintings and made suggestions to us which were not only great ideas but cost effective. Everyone who came in the house said "the house is the art". Our art only enhanced his design and construction. If you hire him to build your home, you will be getting a "jewel in the desert", again a creative genius and so honest and someone who is intelligent and works for you. We loved our experience with Patrick and would do it again in an instant. He remains our friend to this day.

Sally Lynch and Wayne Sennett
Mike Cook & myself have worked with Patrick O'Brien for four years and have the utmost respect for him and his work. Our company, Distinctive Custom Cabinetry has provided Pat with over $900,000 inf interior doors, wrought iron, cabinetry & closets through the years. Pat has always worked on extreme custom houses and is very creative in his thinking. In our view, he performs at his best on the 13,000 sq foot and over luxury residences. He has managed these projects in the pas and offers innovative ideas of which products will generate the highest return on investment. He does not spend money lavishly, rather on items that will generate return and customer interest in the house. There are not many builders who have completed as many large projects as Pat has. When a builder is dealing with extreme custom homes a level head is needed and Pat is never to high nor too low which helps him manage the house effectively. We strongly recommend Patrick O'Brien for future projects and appreciate the opportunity to express our respect for him.

Marc Poortinga
Distinctive Custom Cabinetry Inc.