Q & A

What makes O’Brien Luxury Homes different from other architects & builders?

We have seamlessly fused both building and design services into “one process”. We start by listening to your dreams, your desires and then create a design utilizing our 3-D photo realistic CAD software. We do not proceed to the actual “blueprint” phase first as is most typical with other designers & architects. We design your floorplan and virtually build your home FIRST which allows you to view your dream home prior to start of construction and even prior to blueprints being drafted. We incorporate the knowledge of all building aspects into the initial design, knowing what actually takes place under construction so the design is also very efficient and cost effective from a building perspective.

What are the benefits of designing your home virtually first?

The benefits are endless for our clients. The person designing your home is also the one building it. There are so many “tricks of the trade” which only experienced, well knowledged builders are aware of. We incorporate an enormous amount of detail into your plan that eliminates many of the “unforeseen” overages that are very typical during the construction phase. Being able to virtually see your home also ensures that your dream is indeed exactly the way you had envisioned it. There is no confusion of “trying to imagine” what the finished product will look like from a 2-D perspective. The biggest savings to our clients is the financial savings. It is minimal cost to make “change orders” virtually compared to the tens of thousands of dollars spent in the field under construction. Remember; your plans are bid exactly as they are designed. So any changes you make from the plans while under construction are extremely costly and add up fast.

Will I need to retain landscape & lighting designers, civil, structural & electrical engineers?

No, that is another benefit we provide our clients. All those specialties are included in the price of your design phase and we are your one source of contact for everything regarding the design process.

Will I need to retain an interior designer for material selections?

No, that is also included in the price of your design phase. We will guide and assist you with the selection of lighting & plumbing fixtures, flooring, tiling & stone materials and layout patterns as well as interior hardware & door selections.

Do you build homes designed by someone else? Am I still able to benefit from your services?

Yes, we will build your home from existing plans prepared by another designer. In most cases we are able to convert those plans into a working virtual model and offer you the ability.