We offer our clients the ability to see their home prior to even breaking ground with our in house photo realistic 3-D computer imaging software. Utilizing this process allows our clients to make adjustments to their plan which could save tens of thousands of dollars from change orders during the course of construction. It allows our clients to virtually see their home prior to breaking ground, changes are easily made without on site cost. It is a standard and included in the cost of your construction blueprints.

Often we have clients who consult us regarding their existing plans, once the plans are converted into a computer rendering image they see for the first time what their home will actually look like. As always changes are made with minimal cost prior to start of construction.

Our photo realistic images can recreate anything from lighting scenes to actual material textures. Example: We can render special rooms of interest such as your entire kitchen design right down to exact stone, tile, appliances and cabinetry design. This offers our client to make material or color changes prior to start of construction and results in maintaining budgets, building scheduling and additional cost to our clients.

In addition the 3-D computer rendering image is utilized for project bidding one of the most important aspects of any project. The ability for subcontractors to have that added visual aid assures that there are no “missed” items for their phase of construction and in turn eliminating extra costs to the client.