Patrick J. O’Brien

Patrick is the president of O’Brien Luxury Homes, a boutique architecture and construction firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. Licensed in the state of Arizona and California for residential construction, his vast experience includes more than 30 years of planning, designing, developing and building high end luxury custom homes in the Western regions of the United States.Patrick was introduced to construction early in life accompanying and helping his father, who was a successful General Contractor and Developer in his own right. Fully developing his skills over the next number of years, Patrick mastered all aspects of the construction trade including becoming a master draftsman, drawing construction blue-prints for all his residential projects.

With the maturing of computer technology, Patrick took an interest in computer aided design (CAD), learning and mastering this technology and integrating it into his residential design process. He became so proficient with various CAD applications, that one software company actually asked him to become an instructor for their application!

Today, Patrick combines his talents; the best aspects of designing, architecting and building to deliver homes that are first designed in 3D virtual space, then blue-printed, and ultimately constructed so well, that even with only minimum maintenance, they stand up to above average wear and tear, protecting its owners investment for years to come from commissioning expensive remodels.