Conceptual Design

Preliminary design concepts and architectural style and size of the project are discussed. The design concept, which consists of continuously evolving basic hardline exterior CAD drawings, is created based on input from the client, OLH concept sketches and any specific design criteria. Typically, civil engineering will provide survey/topographic information, and OLH conducts concept courtesy meetings with any required architectural design review boards to verify site specifications and secure early input on design direction for compliance purposes.


Photo Realistic Imaging

The client-approved phase 1 client concept design (hardline exterior CAD drawing), which include all client requirements, is moved into OLH’s 3-D CAD program, thus initiating phase 2. During this phase, the client gets a better image of the exterior model, consisting of exterior architectural elements, which represent a transitional style of architecture. At the conclusion of Phase-2, a detailed Photo Realistic Image exterior model is completed which will detail all selected exterior materials, colors and finishes, and also includes limited interior details (floor plan, basic massing, etc.). Our clients are now able to actually view their home even prior to costly architectural drawings and or start of construction. Clients now have the ability to make any changes at a fraction of the cost and know exactly what to expect once construction is underway. This unique concept helps eliminate the tens of thousands of dollars usually spent making changes during the construction process.


Create The Blueprint

Client approved Phase-2 models serve as the source for Phase-3 of the project, the development of the architectural construction documents (“blueprints”). These construction documents include all standard content and schedules required by architects, engineers and trades specialists, in addition to Phase-2 3D exterior Photo Realistic Images. OLH construction documents provide the traditional 2D content augmented with the 3D Photo Realistic Images to functionally enhance the architectural construction documents.

We assist with all meetings dealing with community design review boards and coordinate all essential documents between Civil and Structural engineers necessary to obtain approved building permit from the governing municipality or county.


Build The Dream

Now that the blueprint has been created the construction of your dream begins. To build your own home is labor of love, a creative endeavor that engages your heart and soul and we believe that process should be a joy to experience. In addition the Photo Realistic Images are utilized for project bidding one of the most important aspects of any project. The ability for subcontractors to have that added visual aid assures that there are no “missed” items for their phase of construction in turn eliminating extra costs to the client.

Because of the detailed plans utilizing the Photo Realistic Imaging and provide our in-house design services every person on the project has immediate access to the information they need – so questions are easily answered, problems are avoided and delays are averted. Our construction sites are well organized and run very efficiently due to this process.

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